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Payment & Pricing
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Wire Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer, ACH, Check and Money Order payments.  (Please note:  a small processing fee will be levied on all PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH and EFT payments.)

Q: Do you offer Net 30 Credit Terms?

Credit is offered to pre-approved credit applicants only. Credit approval is subject to the discretion of IMS LLC.  All first-time purchases are subject to a first order COD payment policy unless prior credit approval is authorized.  

Q: Will IMS change the price after the sample or field testing is processed?

All IMS official quotations are based on part number, revision and engineering drawing.  In some cases, IMS sales will provide the customer with budgetary pricing information, which is only for project discussion purposes.  We will not change the original formal quotation prior to volume production, unless there is a significant change in the technical or quality requirements.

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