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About us


International Motion Supply is a leading global supplier of motion control products for a variety of industry applications in the OEM and standard market place.  Working closely with our Asian parent company, our bi-lingual team provides timely answers to all of your design and logistic needs.  We focus on providing a full service cost effective solution for our customers, from application and design to delivering a high quality product on time.

Advantages of IMS in North America:

  • Application and design development for custom solutions

  • Value added services for customization

  • Local fully equipped facility for testing and troubleshooting

  • ISO certified manufacturing facilities in Asia

  • Agency compliant (RoHS/REACH).  UL/CSA and CE as required

  • Full Service Logistics

    • Local PO and Invoice processing

    • Global shipping

    • Kanban as required

  • Single point of contact for timely response