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Q: Does IMS offer custom motors?

Yes! Custom products are our specialty and where we excel. Any motor on our site can be modified to fit your specific application needs. Call (952-226-4088) or email us at  info@intermotionsupply.com  to discuss your specific application requirements.

Q: Will IMS "private label" individual products for its customers?

Yes, with the set-up and authorization to use the customer’s relevant registered or trademarked logo.  The customer must supply "camera-ready" artwork to IMS.  However, please be aware that we only accept private labeling for relatively high volume production.

Q: Does IMS have a minimum order quantity?

Yes. Our primary focus is custom motor applications for the OEM market. Most of our products are built-to-order due to their custom nature. Minimum order quantities depend on the exact motor, but our general requirement is 100 units a year. Call (952-226-4088) or email us at info@intermotionsupply.com for more information.

Q: I want a rush quote on a custom model. How long will it take?

Just give us a call.  In most cases, we can provide an estimated cost within 24hours based on the technical information you provide.  In order to save time, we encourage you to prepare and provide as much technical information about your application requirement as possible.

Q: Is there a REPRESENTATIVE or DISTRIBUTOR in my area?

Please contact our Sales Department for more information on a potential Representative or Distributor in your area. 

Q: Where can I get a quote?

In order to maintain competitiveness, we primarily direct sell our products in the U.S.A. without a third party in between. However, the formal quotation can be issued by IMS or one of our many representatives located across the U.S.A.  Please send us your inquiry, and we assure you will receive a response within 24hours.

Q: What are your standard Terms & Conditions of Sale?

 Our Terms & Conditions Policy can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

   IMS Terms and Conditions

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